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Online Personal Training to hack your mind, body and soul to a more fulfilling and pain-free life.

When you're ready to become the strongest, fittest, most confident YOU from the inside out.

Get personal coaching that delivers life-changing results with a way of eating & exercising that actually fits into your life style — instead of controlling it.

Are you ready to ditch being sick and tired of being sick and tired, for good?

If you’re like most of my clients, you’ve tried just about every diet under the sun just to find something that works.

Diets that are time consuming to follow, restrictive and leave you feeling overwhelmed by details.

Diets where you have to count calories or points and constantly left feeling unsatisfied.

Diets with tasteless, boring ingredients.

And even when those diets lead to some results, the results just don't seem to last.

When the hustle and bustle of life gets in your way, it can feel like any slight stumble means you’ve "fallen off the wagon” or "don’t have the willpower."

But here’s the thing…

You haven’t failed any diets. The diets have failed you.

And by design, they will continue to fail you over and over again.

Strict diet programs, 30-day plans, and other latest crazes set you up to think you are the problem. But you are not the problem, and another diet is not the going to fix anything for you.

Because you deserve more.

You deserve Amazing results.

You deserve to trust yourself around tempting food…

To find balance with eating and exercise and feel amazing...

To heal your relationship with your body…

To consume the nutrients your body is lacking from years of following flawed guidelines and recommendations...

And to feel like you are doing the right thing by you and your family.

You don’t have to go it alone — HLH coaching can help.

When people join my coaching program, they have different goals:

  • Some people want to build and maintain strength so they can enjoy a long, resilient and healthy life.
  • Some people want to lose fat or gain muscle so they can change how their body looks and feels.
  • Some people want help with nutrition and exercise during a certain stage of their life.
  • ​Some people want to learn how to better manage their lifestyle so they no longer struggle with various health issues,
  • ​Some people want to discover self-confidence so they can pursue the most important things in their lives.

After working closely with many people, I know exactly what it takes to help people like you reach their goals—and maintain them.

An understanding coach with a “whole person” approach

My coaching programs are known for my compassionate “Holistic” approach.

The people I work with are people first, clients second. I want to get to know  you so I can adapt the program to fit into your life.

  • You receive nutritional guidance, a life hacking toolkit, and fun training geared towards your unique goals — using whatever equipment you have available.
  • I work with you to create an exact action plan, so you can reach your goals in a sustainable way that you enjoy.
  • I guide and support you every step of your journey.

Join HLH coaching and get the support, accountability, and guidance you need to thrive.

Enjoy eating and exercising in a way that’s sustainable for you —

while gaining the confidence and skills to handle any obstacles life throws your way.

HLH Coaching can show you how.

Ready to get the best results of your life?

How It Works


Decide to take the first step and sign up.

Once you have signed up to the level you wish, you'll receive login information for your HLH account and an invitation to download the app.


Complete the questionaire

Inside the platform, you’ll find your initial intake questionnaires. Here you can share your goals, schedule, ability level, history, preferences, likes, and dislikes with me and find out more information on how we will work together.


Receive your program

After your questionnaire has been reviewed, you’ll get a training program designed specifically to fit your schedule, ability level, and goals.


Stay Connected

You’ll have daily form review and weekly check-ins where you get support, accountability, and troubleshooting from me. This is where having a coach makes a huge difference to your success.

With the HLH Coaching mobile app and online platform,
you'll get…

  • Unlimited Support
    Connect with your coach, send texts, submit pics and videos for feedback, and keep your conversations all in one place with in-app messaging.
  • Mobile-Friendly Workouts
    Everything you need at your fingertips, no matter where you are.
  • ​​Exercise Demo Videos
    Expert guidance from me so you always know exactly what to do.
  • Calendar
    Your workout schedule and weekly check-ins all in one place, easy to rearrange depending on your schedule.
  • ​​Accountability Reminders
    In-app notifications help remind you of events, workouts, and help you stay accountable.

You’ll get incredible results — or your money back.

Here’s my promise: show up consistently, and reach out to me when you need help. If you’ve done that, and you're not happy with what you’ve accomplished at the end of your subsciption, I’ll give you back every penny you spent.

Here's what some members had to say

In the first 3 - 9 days the bad bacteria in my stomach was screaming for carbs, my cravings were for things like coke, chocolate, ice-cream, kettle chips etc.

Around this time I'm sure I was beginning to enter ketosis. I was able to dull the cravings with the keto snacks Joel suggested and by making sure I stayed below 30g of carbs every day.

My personnel benefits from following Joel's Dense Nutrition advice:

Candida symptoms cleared up completely (white tongue, bad BO, sugar cravings etc)

Energy levels improved (even on low amounts of sleep because of shift work) and even increased workout performance

Skin cleared up, no deep blind acne

Joel definitely knows what he's talking about and how to help you live your best life. I recommend this lifestyle 💯

Jake - 29

I started working with Joel on a gym program that would help me get better strength and range. In the last 12 weeks I have significantly improved my squat and deadlift. After having tight hips from sitting down all day for 9 hours at work, it was hard to find something that would stretch out my legs. I had tried yoga but the stretches that I am doing in my program now, combined with the lifts, completely eliminated my pain.

Genna - 26

I found the exercises very well designed for my needs. I had significant back, hip and knee pain and Joel was able to help with modifying the knee and hip exercises to allow me to actually do them and also gave different levels of difficulty in each of the exercises. At 6 weeks into the program I had major abdominal surgery and felt I had been able to give my body some extra strength to cope with the surgery. I would highly recommend the programming no matter what your ability as he can help you with alternate ways to complete the exercises.

Veronica - 61

Find your balance, energy & happiness the natural way.

Your Coach

For over a decade, I have spent countless hours on a quest to nourish my mind, optimize my body and rejuvenate my soul to allow me to create the most enjoyable and fulfilling life for myself. What my aim here is, is to be your dedicated coach in your search of why, how and what you can do to live the most amazing and radical life possible.

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