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Every profession experiences some sort of ache or pain.

Painters - shoulder and back

Administration officers and people who spend many hours at a computer - hips, back and shoulders

Teachers - knees, back, and hips

Builders - knees, back, hips and shoulders

Child care workers - knees and back

And the list can go on and on.

There are people who have aches and pains and think that it is a normal part of getting older; they have accepted that it is just a part of their life

Then there are people who are driven to fix their problems and are committed to taking action to improving their experience of life with better health and movement. These people get to enjoy more quality time with their kids and family, or even if they want to spend more time, without pain, with the boys at the pub.

I have a proven strategy that targets the root causes and eliminates these pains, preventing them from ever coming back!


Supportive Environment

Working with me will guarantee you are in a fully supportive environment. Don't be fooled, I will keep you accountable to your goals but no matter your ability level or motivation requirements, there is no need for me to make people feel like trash to get a desired result.

Great Price

You get everything here and more for as little as $19.95 / week and this will never change! Many people spend more than that on a snack every day! 

No lock in contracts, cancel at any time, obligation free!

All current and future programs added to the site will be available by request to you at no extra cost!

Coaches Access

Access to my personal contact information so you can contact me at any time regarding your training, goal setting or advice.

Exercise Database

Unrestricted access to the full database of exercise tutorials so you can learn and practice anytime. These also come with an unlimited amount of regressions and progressions to cater for your ability

Easy To Use

Access to the user friendly app powered by True Coach that lets me organize your current program in a simple and easily accessible way. Fire up the app and away you go! 



Your workout structure will be customized to your available schedule. Choose from 4-6 days a week of targeted programming with the average workout going for no longer than 45-60 minutes. Each workout has video guides attached to make it quick and easy to jump straight in with all sets, reps, tempos and cues laid out for you to see.

Nutritional Guidance

Unlock the secrets to optimal health by nourishing your body with dense nutrition. This will be all provided and easily tracked through the app!

Hack Your Life

Leading educational resources for you to take control and optimize your experience of life. For example: Grounding, Mitochondrial health, Fasting, Circadian Rhythm, Motivation, Metabolic Flexibility and MORE! Updates provided free on a regular basis.

Balanced State Of Mind

Optimize your mind and soul by gaining world class stress management and resilience skills. Learn to be at one with your inner peace.

Personal Form Coaching

Whenever you work out you send me your form videos through the app and I will let you know if you're doing things right or wrong, typically within a few hours, and help you maintain the best possible quality workouts.

In the first 3 - 9 days the bad bacteria in my stomach was screaming for carbs, my cravings were for things like coke, chocolate, ice-cream, kettle chips etc.

Around this time I'm sure I was beginning to enter ketosis. I was able to dull the cravings with the keto snacks Joel suggested and by making sure I stayed below 30g of carbs every day.

My personnel benefits from following Joel's Dense Nutrition advice:

Candida symptoms cleared up completely (white tongue, bad BO, sugar cravings etc)

Energy levels improved (even on low amounts of sleep because of shift work) and even increased workout performance

Skin cleared up, no deep blind acne

Joel definitely knows what he's talking about and how to help you live your best life. I recommend this lifestyle 💯

Jake - 29

I started working with Joel on a gym program that would help me get better strength and range. In the last 12 weeks I have significantly improved my squat and deadlift. After having tight hips from sitting down all day for 9 hours at work, it was hard to find something that would stretch out my legs. I had tried yoga but the stretches that I am doing in my program now, combined with the lifts, completely eliminated my pain.

Genna - 26

I found the exercises very well designed for my needs. I had significant back, hip and knee pain and Joel was able to help with modifying the knee and hip exercises and gave different levels of difficulty in each of the exercises. At 6 weeks into the program I had major abdominal surgery and felt I had been able to give my body some extra strength to cope with the surgery. Unfortunately, I had many setbacks after the surgery and have still not been able to continue with many of the exercises but would highly recommend the programming no matter what your ability as he can help you with alternate ways to complete the exercises.

Veronica - 61

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If you are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent, a person with a disability, a person over the age of 50 or a current student, Contact me for your special lifetime deal!

Find your balance, energy & happiness the natural way.

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For over a decade, I have spent countless hours on a quest to nourish my mind, optimize my body and rejuvenate my soul to allow me to create the most enjoyable and fulfilling life for myself. What my aim here is, is to be your dedicated coach in your search of why, how and what you can do to live the most amazing and radical life possible.

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